Dear Animal Lovers of China,

You are not alone. In your work to end the dog and cat meat trade, we stand with you.

Neither cruelty nor empathy have borders. Your struggle is our struggle. Together we can and will end this cruelty.

To your government we respectfully say this:

Please, look again at the cruel and criminal way the dog and cat meat industry behaves. Look at its violent methods. Look at the grief it brings to your citizens who have beloved companions snatched. Look at how global levels of outrage grow each year, and consider the notion that the way a nation treats its animals impacts profoundly on its global reputation.

Please cherish and value your citizens who work so hard to protect China's precious animals. They are an immense credit to China, and their values, actions and dedication are being celebrated around the world.

Please, end this cruelty. End the dog and cat meat industry. Consign this horror to the past where it belongs.

We will continue to fight together - until the cruelty ends.

Thank you.


China and the west are not in opposition on this issue - the trade is hated in both east and west. That’s why our campaign urges animal lovers worldwide to stand shoulder to shoulder with dedicated Chinese activists fighting the dog and cat meat trade, 365 days a year. Sign the open letter to let these brave men and women know that you stand alongside them, for the animals.

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Working to end dog and cat eating, 365 days a year...

Around 10 million dogs and cats are eaten across China each year, and Animals Asia’s dedicated dog and cat welfare team of investigators work tirelessly to end this cruelty.

● We fund and support local grassroots groups fighting the dog and cat meat trade on the ground in China

● Run public awareness and behaviour change campaigns

● Conduct undercover investigations of restaurants, live animal markets and slaughterhouses

● Advise government departments on humane treatment of strays and companion animals

● Put pressure on authorities to strengthen enforcement

● Fund spay and neuter programs

● Coordinate community outreach to show people that dogs and cats are friends… not food.

Together, we can stop the slaughter. Thank you so much for your kindness.

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